The peaceful and poetic beauty of Mui Ne fishing village

The peaceful and poetic beauty of Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne fishing village is a village living with a fishing industry. Besides this is also considered as one of the famous tourist attractions of Phan Thiet city, welcoming many tourists every year to visit and relax.

Coming here, you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery of the white sand and the rows of green coconut trees or the noise at the time when people go fishing. Have you been to Mui Ne fishing village? If not, give yourself a vacation to this village.

Where is the fishing village of Mui Ne located?

Mui Ne fishing village is located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street in Phan Thiet, about 23 km from the center of Phan Thiet city. Fishing Village also has quite a distance to Mui Ne bus station when you come here you just need to walk 200m to reach the fishing village. When you come here, you can also visit Mui Ne market because it is also about 1 km away. This village is located along the coast stretching about 1 km, every day takes place exciting trading activities. This is a quiet place with waves and waves all year round, often visited by many boats.

The geographical location is also very convenient for travel. You can learn more to get a trip for yourself

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What is the market of Mui Ne fishing Village Vietnam?

Arriving at the Mui ne fishing village market, you will see a fish market taking place in a noisy and crowded area. That is where the farmers go to the net every morning and also the buyers of the fish and shrimps and crabs that have been caught and brought back to the mainland. It is a convergence of the sky, the sun and the golden sand with the simple fishermen and the hardworking and diligent people with the sun and wind for fishing every day.

The fishing and fishing scene of the people seems to be indispensable every day, it is a job to earn their income and they also consider it an indispensable joy in life. Their work and daily life accidentally create a culture, which are interesting things that foreign tourists want to learn. Just like what many others admire and love.

The fishing scene here goes on and on as a cycle of days and days and so on. People no longer care about what resting is because they always consider it their life. If you have a certain chance you must come to this place once. Coming to Mui Ne fishing village is not simply for sightseeing but above all to feel the hardship of the fishermen, to feel a simple and peaceful life without crowded places like crowded cities.

Early morning of the fishing village market on the beach

Early morning of the fishing village market on the beach

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What do you get when you go to Mui Ne fishing village?

Not every morning is beautiful everywhere, not every early morning will leave imprints on people's hearts. But for this place is different, a special early morning with romping, trading fish trading after one night from the sea tiring fishing all night but when the shore on the face of mermaids the people did not appear tired but they were happy and happy to return to the mainland with the results of their night of fishing. Come here early in the morning to have a chance to admire the fishing scenery of the people.

Coming to Mui Ne fishing village, you will also have the opportunity to experience the fisherman's fishing career to understand how hard they were. When landing, the farmers will sort the seafood and sell it at different prices.

Not only standing here if you have plenty of time, you should take advantage of walking deep inside the fishing village, you will learn how to elaborate the process of drying fish, dried squid and elaborate fish sauce. Here you can also enjoy the delicious seafood dishes right at the beach. Or you can also buy fresh seafood and bring about processing delicious fresh food.

You have come to the fishing village without doing these things is really a pity. So take the time to join the experience with the people here.

The sea in the open sea brought farmers a traditional fishery and fresh, full-net fish. Not only fish but also other types such as shrimp, shellfish, snails, squid crabs are gifts that open the sea for the industrious hard working farmers. Mui Ne Fishing Village is a place where the peaceful, magical, peaceful and untouched coastal life is like a colorful, beautiful picture of nature in harmony with the breath of life promising to be a gift interesting for visitors to explore here.

Mui Ne with a peaceful setting goes into peoples hearts

Mui Ne with a peaceful setting goes into people's hearts

Mui Ne fishing village is a simple rustic village that everyone should come once. Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand Mui Ne fishing Village so you can have a meaningful trip.