The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

Vietnam weather April see the end of spring and ongoing to the summer time. During this transition time, there is still so much to explore despite not being in the peak season of tourists

Vietnam weather April in general

Vietnam weather April mark the over of spring and welcome the heat from Summer. The whole country see a considerable increase in temperature and somewhere event in  the humidity. The Northern of Vietnam receive a lot of heat and at the same time more rainfall are coming in. The average temperature here is 24 °C, but the Far North Mountainous like Ha Giang, Sapa, Mu Cang Chai,.. may expect the heat to cool off a little bit. Even Though the rain, the weather in the North still predict to have mostly bright day with dry atmosphere.

During April, the beach along South and Central Vietnam have the best weather with bright, hot day, clear blue sky and dry himidity.You can see the scenery clearly in the beautiful attraction destination like Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc. The average temperature in both regions is ranging between 28 °C to 34 °C. Some of the specific area like the Central Highland or Dalat see a perfect weather condition. Therefore, Vietnam weather April is nice and ideal enough for visitors doing any outdoor exploring activities.

Destination you should definitely visit in April

Visit Nha Trang and join the Thap Ba festivity

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

Thap Ba Ponagar - the ensemble of Champa relic

Nha Trang, one of the most visited and most well-known places in Vietnam. This place owns several magnificent landscapes, you should take turn visit like Nha Trang Aquarium, Ninh Van Bay, Hon Mun Island, Dai Lanh beach and Dam market. It’s suitable in this April weather to go sunbathing, swimming, trekking along the beaches.

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

The place light up for the Dang flower ceremony

Especially, it’s a treat when you come to this place in April. When the Thap Ba festivity occurs, that attracts many visitors to attend,. This large scale, long-prepare festivity take place in the National Culture ancient relic of Thap Ba Ponagar, located in Cu Lao peak. The festivity há a lot of event including many traditional rituals and ceremonies with meaningful purpose, mainly to praying a blessing year for the people, paying respect to the ancestors. At the end, the Dang flowers ceremony take place, for each individual slide a Dang flowers into the river. Alongside the main event, there also a lot of entertaining events like shadow performing, traditional dancing and singing,..

Also, while you in Nha Trang, it’s a mistake to miss out the diverse culinary in this place. The dishes that you must try should be fish croquette noodle, Minh Hoa fried croquette noodle, Can cake, Seafood Muot cake, fried or raw seafood,.. Especially in this nice and dry Vietnam weather April, the food taste never better.

Exploring the amazing Phu Quoc

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

The beautiful Phu Quoc in Vietnam weather April

Another place that you definitely check out is Phu Quoc. Blessed with many beautiful scenery, Phu Quoc, located in Kien Giang province, is a perfect fit for a trip with friends and family. The nature has given this place a pleasant weather during April and all year round with graceful beaches like Bai Sao, Bai Dai. There are so many ways to enjoy the beaches, just simply going for a walk along the Coast, having a sunbath, rent a boat to go off the shore or climb up the nearby hills. You can also immerse yourself into the daily life of the fishermen in Dong Duong village, the simple yet captivating way of living, and don’t forget to taste or take home some seafood specialty from the village. Or check out the clear blue sky and the green scenery filled with many trees in Ganh Dau island or An Thoi,.. Phu Quoc, still stay untouched,  full of fun excitement is awaited for you to figure.

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

The village along the coast in Phu Quoc

Admire the terraced rice paddle field in Sapa

Sapa is probably the most visited place, especially in Vietnam Weather April. This time of the year, the sky is clear and the weather is dry. It’s perfect for any outdoor activities, exploring the land and mountains of this place. During April, people started to pouring water into the terraced rice paddle, and it’s given a unique looks that only appears in April. Standing in the peak of a hill a mountains, looking from a far the rice paddle look like a mirror, reflecting the beautiful sky and surrounded sight. You can visit those rice paddle easily in Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

The rice paddle in Cat Cat village

, Muong Hoa valley,.. Also, there are some significant things about those villages. Each village populated by a different Vietnamese minority ethnic people, so along with witnessing the view you can also get to know the diversity of the tradition, ritual and daily life of each ethnic.

The excitement awaits in Vietnam weather April

Sapa is populated by many different minority ethnic

Vietnam weather April sees transition between spring and summer, but the climate is considered consistent with high temperature and dry atmosphere. This creates a wonderful opportunity for tourists to visit.