The true beauty of Vietnamese people in the photographer lens

The true beauty of Vietnamese people in the photographer lens

Images of Vietnamese people who are energetic and love life are depicted honestly and emotionally through images sent to the Saigon 2018 photo contest.

Vietnamese farmers always stick with rice and grain. The beauty of farm work was captured by author Tran Tuan Anh in the image of "Sao thuy" with a unique composition, colors harmonized by the bottom from the corner.


The young girl in the purple dress was graceful among the white, pure guns. Tuan Nguyen's picture depicts the pure and simple beauty of traditional Vietnamese women in the countryside.

The bumper harvest with thousands of yellow corns filled with warehouses, brings joy and happiness on the woman's face. Photo: Truong Thien Binh.


The "Tung net" work of Phan Minh author with black and white photo material brings true but artistic image of fishing net fishing on the river.


Life is hard and hard, so the woman can only take advantage of the lunch break right next to the road for a few minutes. Photo: Tran Hoang Vu.


The photo of author Nguyen Xuan Chinh brings the rustic beauty, the normal life of the highland people with a quick lunch, is a bowl of hot noodles, suspiciously smoked.


Another simple beauty of Vietnamese people appears in Nguyen Vu Phuoc's work. It is a loving, loving family affection. Wife knitting, husband playing guitar. Simple happiness that warms up in a small, narrow house.


The happiness on the face of the late-age couple is more prominent on the green background. Photo: Le Thi Kim Lien.

The silence and peace on the woman's face went through most of her life. The portrait of Le Nhat Quang photographer has successfully portrayed the true beauty of Vietnamese women. Photo: Le Nhat Quang.


"The father and son of the Vietnamese people" is expressed through a photo with an interesting composition "frame in the frame" by Bui Viet Duc.


Smart dogs are loyal friends, always helping us in life. The love between people and animals is really precious. Photo: Trung Phan.


Jump over a fire, a difficult challenge but a beautiful culture in the festival of ethnic minorities. The pictures in the lesson were submitted by contestants to the Saigon 2018 photo contest. Photo: Ngoc Ha Vi.