Tu lan cave - beautiful scenery to miss when coming to Phong Nha

Tu lan cave - beautiful scenery to miss when coming to Phong Nha

Tu lan cave is one of the beautiful scenes that you must visit once in Phong Nha. Maybe this is a little-known location but surely everyone comes here to be amazed by the pristine natural beauty and cool fresh air.

Besides when coming to Tu Lan cave you will also get moments of relaxation for yourself. If on the holidays you do not know where to go, you can give yourself a trip to Quang Binh and especially visit Tu Lan Cave. The following information will be the basic knowledge for you to better understand this tourist destination.

Beautiful scenes in Tu Lan cave with flowing water

Beautiful scenes in Tu Lan cave with flowing water

Geographical location of Tu Lan cave Vietnam

Tu Lan cave in Quang Binh province is considered to be the narrowest area on the map of Vietnam. Not everyone who comes to Quang Binh can know the Tu Lan cave system. But surely through this article you will want to come to this land.

This site is not too difficult to find because it is located 70 km from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, next to Tan Hoa ethnic minority village. Therefore, you can take advantage of the time when you come to Phong Nha and visit Tu Lan Cave without having to go to many trips.

You should also note some things on the way to this place that is to go to the cave, you need to cross the fields of corn, green peanuts with roads not easy to go. You have to trek through the remote and wild forests among the huge and dim limestone mountains. This will also be an interesting experience for those passionate about adventure.

Discover the beauty of Tu Lan cave

Discover the beauty of Tu Lan cave

Exciting experiences for your trip

The scenery along the way will be a wild, pristine mountainous space with high hills, lush green trees and wildlife, all of which will create a beautiful memorable scene for the trip. your go.

Surely this trip will bring more interesting things if accompanied by a group of friends. The way you have to go will certainly be indispensable companions. The whole group will cross Rao Nan stream with water at their belly, cold and fast flowing. The road has not stopped there, you still have to overcome some mountains, when craggy cliffs, climbing jungle, there are trails on the path that has been traveled before just enough to set foot to explore. People must use both hands to grip or push, the terrain is always different and new.

However, it will not be a tiring trip, but when you go through those stages, you will admire an extremely beautiful scenery, a colorful natural picture watching the butterflies around Tu Lan cave. , sleeping in a hammock sleeping under the starry sky, being gently stroked by the breeze, surrounding the campfire, telling stories, singing and playing games together. Besides, you will also have many good memories with your friends when coming here.

When exploring inside Tu Lan cave, you will admire the beauty of stalactites in many different shapes and sizes - Sometimes you will see it appearing like a giant snail shell with motifs. soft wavy sometimes you will see it has a rough shell like cactus. It is like a beautiful gift of nature that you can see in many other shapes.

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An experience to be aware of when going to Tu Lan cave Vietnam

Having said that, exploring this place needs to go with a group of friends, it will be safer and more fun besides that there will also be a lot of beautiful memories. You can choose a 2-day-1-night trip to discover many mysteries of this desolate place. Or you can also choose the trip 3 days 2 nights to have more time to explore many places.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to make the trip easier and safer. You will be equipped with some items such as life jackets, waterproof bags and some important items. Also, don't forget to bring your own snacks and camping gear for the night.

The best time to visit Tu Lan cave is from February to May because it is cool, sunny and not rainy. So you should go at this time will get more complete trip.

There will be some insects on the way, so be sure to bring medicine and pay attention when traveling.

To Tu Lan like stray into the first scene

To Tu Lan like stray into the first scene

If you love the experience, you should definitely visit Tu Lan Cave once. Certainly, Tu Lan Cave will be a place to bring you many experiences and admire the beautiful scenery. Hopefully the information shared above can help you get a trip to Tu Lan Cave with many interesting things. And surely this will be a thought trip for you to get memories with your friends.