Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Just become well-known recent years, Ong Lang beach phu Quoc is already a top stop to visit. If you wonder why Ong Lang has been captivating tourists’ hearts, we want to show you how amazing this beach can be.

Not as mesmerizing as Sao beach, Thom beach, or crowded as Truong beach, Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc still possesses its own unique charm. It's the enchanting sight of miles of coconut and palm trees along the coast, the wonderful golden sand with a vast slope, and the emerald sea water. There is a whole natural space opens and almost left wild and untouched, waiting for you to explore. With all of these features, it’s likely to call this is Vietnam’s "Maldive"

Where is Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc and how to get there?

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

The sign lead to Ong Lang beach

Stay out of somewhat hustle and bustle life in other famous beaches, Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc seems to have a different vibe with a peaceful and wild landscape. Located in the North of Duong Dong, also in some part of Bai Dai. Ong lang beach is not in continuous stretch but constantly get interrupted by sandbank and rock reefs. 

Tourists can rent a motorbike from Duong Dong village and head to Vinpearl through Duong Dong - Cua Can street, less than 10 km. Then look on the left you will see a billboard about protecting Amberjack, and manyhuge path toward the sea, go about 1 km more and you at Ong Lang beach. If you use the google map, you can search for Ding Ba streets that lead to the beach.

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Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Ong Lang beautiful coast

Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc is beyond wild and peaceful, it’s the perfect place for an escape trip with friends and families. Lying down in the sand, listen to the wave sounds, enjoy the view of many boat far away, it’s satisfied enough. Or you can dip yourself under the emerald sea, walking along the shore, pick up shell. Also, Ong Lang have a few rock reef, the habitat of shellfish and even under water are coral reefs. You can go diving to witness Ong lang sea-life.

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Ong Lang beach in sunset

The best moment in Ong Lang beach is during sunset, especially in a beautiful day, when the last sunshine vanish into the vast ocean with a red, purple color, with a few light breeze from the sea, and the sight of fishing boat coming to the shore. You definitely feel like this is a live painting that is a perfect mixture of natural scenery and human daily life. This is a sight you don’t want to miss while in Ong Lang beach.

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What to do in Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc?

Go diving or snorkeling

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Diving to see the coral reefs

Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc is pretty shallow and peaceful, but because there are many rock reef underwater, some parts are not suitable for swimming in. Instead, these places are known for something else. This is the place that have a variety of fish, shellfish, even sea urchin live, and they are easily spotted. So you can go catch them by hand, or you can borrow the gear from the nearby restaurant or resort. These areas also have some colorful coral reefs, you just put your head under the water to find them. So we suggest you can go snorkeling in these spots. And if you want to have a nice meal with what you've just caught, just ask the local restaurant, with a fair fee, you can have them prepare and cook. 

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Having seafood you’ve just caught

Go camping, picnic with friends and families

Ong lang beach Phu Quoc - the untouched landscape

Go out and have a nice time with friends and family

Beside the sandbank, there are also some areas that have miles of palm and coconut trees with green glass. This is a perfect place to enjoy some quality time with friends and families. You can buy fresh seafood in the market in Duong Dong village, go to the beach, rent charcoal and grills, you can have a nice homemade meal with the loved one. Not to mention all the outdoor activities you can do outside like swimming, volleyball, football,..., in the large shore of Ong Lang beach.

Ong Lang beach Phu Quoc is still a rare and wild place, but already established a name for it. With all the distinctive feature Ong Lang is blessed with, it’s no doubt that this place is perfect to spend your holiday at.