Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April?

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April?

Phu Quoc weather April is the last month of the dry season, the ideal time to visit Phu Quoc. You should grab the chance and visit this land immediately. Here are some things you might enjoy here.

Phu Quoc weather April overview

Phu Quoc weather April marks the end of the dry season and from next month it’s on to the rainy season. However, during this month, it’s likely to have a few sudden rainfall occurs during the night. Therefore, the weather becomes a little bit cooler with the average of 29oC and the humidity rise a bit. There are about 9 days with rainfall and the humidity of 90%, otherwise everyday else still have the perfect condition to travel, and the heat go down a little bit definitely make your trip better. So come on out, to enjoy the last day of the best season to visit Phu Quoc with many exciting things waiting ahead.

What and where to enjoy Phu Quoc weather April?

Spend a few day in An Thoi islands

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

The beautiful scenery in An Thoi islands

An Thoi islands is one of the islands that retains its primitive form and untouched. And in the perfect weather of Phu Quoc weather April, An Thoi is a great choice to enjoy your holiday. This place is blessed with diversity ecosystem, both on land and underwater. This is a heaven place for many colorful fishes. Especially if you can’t miss the experience of diving to see such amazing variety and colorful coral reefs, under the blue sea, close to the shore.

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

Diving in Thom beach to watch coral reefs

An Thoi islands is a phenomenon combination of many islets. Thom islet is long known for the creamy white sand beach, emerald water and dến primitive forest. With Dua island, this is a perfect place to have an escape trip to spend time lying down looking at the ocean under miles of coconut trees. And you can come to Roi islet to witness the natural rock formation of many curious shapes, also known for having many pearl mussel farms. 

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

Phu Quoc prison

An Thoi is also have a historic site is Phu Quoc prison. Now is a tourists destination to visit and learn about Vietnam history during 2 consecutive war, through many figures of the actual happen in the prison back then.

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Visit Dinh Cau - a spiritual site of Phu Quoc

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

The sacred place of Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau cape is one magnificent natural landscape , the perfect mixture of land and water. This place is a living proof that since the first day when the Ancient Vietnamese landed here, they already established foundation for this land. 

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

Dinh Cau cape in the afternoon

From Dinh Cau cape, you can look far and the whole vast ocean, the boundless sand shore,  beneath is the crowded Duong Dong market and behind is the mighty mountain,.. Tourists usually come to Dinh Cau to watch the scenery when sunset when the sun disappears behind the mountains and the last sunshine glowing on the sea.  Especially, in Dinh Cau, you can have the opportunity to visit the nearby sea market with many freshly caught seafood like: crabs, squids, sea urchins,..

Let’s go out and enjoy Phu Quoc weather April

The steps leads to Dinh Cau shrine

At the peak of the cape, there is a special santual site for the people in Phu Quoc, Dinh Cau shrine. This shrine is where many fishermen come to pray for a good trip with no storm heading to the sea. To reach the destination, you need to climb 29 steps to shrine, all the steps are made of stone and paved alongside with many wild trees and flowers. After those steps, the Shrine finally appears in front of you with a wooden gates.

Visit pepper garden

On the way from Duong Dong to Danh Dau, you can easily spot hundreds of green pepper trees farm along the road. And if you have a chance to visit Khu Tuong farm, you will be impressed by the endless line of pepper trees, that look like thousands of natural speers heading toward the sky. And when you are in the farm, besides visiting and taking beautiful pictures, you can actually join the process of picking peppers and watch how they get manufactured. After the trip , you can purchase the product home as a gift for friends and family.

A few advice when visiting in Phu Quoc weather April

  • Put on sunscreen everytime you go out
  • Bring along some comfortable shoes to go trekking exploring the islands
  • Don’t bring many cash on you, and keep them closely to you
  • Always brings your personal paper along
  • Prepare medicine if you have any specific allergy or health problem

Phu Quoc weather April is still in the best time of the year to visit this amazing islands. You won’t have any regrets once set foot in this place. We wish you the best on your holiday and for more information, check out our website Gonexp.com, all about traveling news and tips.