All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

Phu Quoc weather February is in the perfect time to travel to this island. Especially when there are always some holiday vacation during this time, why don’t you take the chance and come to Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc weather February overall

Phu Quoc weather February is perfect for any trip to these islands, and also this month is considered the peak of tourism year round. During this time of the year, the weather is blessed for visitors, as the temperature is not too hot, the average ranging between  25oC to 30oC. And the best thing is that there is less chance of rainfall, with the precipitation of 40mm and the humidity is right about 75%. This is the best combination for an ideal time to head outside and explore this amazing islands without feeling any discomfort.

Some suggested destinations in Phu Quoc

Ong Lang beach

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

Ong Lang beach - the “Maldive” of Vietnam

Ong Lang beach is known to be one of the best places to enjoy the sunset view in Phu Quoc, especially in the last few years. With Phu Quoc weather february, with clear and sunny sky, this is the perfect place for outdoor activities and sight-seeing. Possessing the wild, attractive view with miles of palm trees alongside the golden sand bank, emerald sea, no one can resist this beach. There are many rock reefs here, particularly, on both North and South ends of the beach. This is where you can find a variety of fishes, shelfishes, coral live. Just rent some diving gear, put your head down and you can enjoy the sealife underwater in Phu Quoc. Or if you want to, there are some boat that you can go on and go out to the ocean, to catch fish, squids, even sea urchins,..

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

The perfect place for relax

Ong lang beach is the most gorgeous when it comes to sunset, especially in the reefs of both ends. Standing there, watching the boat approaching the shore from afar, under the red, purple of the sun going down. All of the most majestic sceneries reflex on the glittering water of the ocean. That’s a sight you don’t want to miss.

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Ham Ninh fishing village

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

Ham Ninh - the famous village in Phu Quoc

Ham Ninh village located under Ham Ninh mountain foot, in Ham Ninh province, Phu Quoc. The people here make a living mostly by catching fish, and other seafood. Until now, this place has become a tourist destination. When you visit this village, you will have a chance to enjoy the activities like the local and other exciting things like snorkeling for coral reefs, catching pearl mussel, fish. Also everyday, when you get up early in the morning, you can see the sunrise glowing in ham Ninh porch, visit morning sea market. You can go around the whole village, sea the ordinary daily life of the villagers, with the old house architecture of the fishermen. 

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

The hustle life of the fishing village

Ham Ninh village is already famous among the tourists for its irresiting beauty, not to mention the seafood that you can’t wait to try. Especially, Sentinel crab is actually the specialty here. Them crabs are always meaty, juicy and fresh out of the water. No matter how you cook them, it’s likely that you can end up more than a kilogram of Phu Quoc sentinel crabs.

Da Ngon spring

The mesmerizing view of Da Ngon spring

Located in North of Phu Quoc, Da Ngon spring is close to Dong Duong pond of Phu Quoc National Park. Well-known for the famous 7 waterfalls , surrounded by the dense primitive forest, that attract many visitors. And also in order to get to Da ngon spring peaks, you have to get through those 7 falls and finally reach the refreshing vase water pond. You can go on a small boat to reach the destination though. 

All the beautiful places in Phu Quoc weather February

You can enjoy this place with your friends and family

When you have a chance to visit Da Ngon spring, you also get the chance to witness the diversity of Phu Quoc primitive forest, that have a variety of wild orchids, many preserved wood trees. So the journey to explore this springs, get even more romantic, when you go in the path paved with wild flowers with many colors especially the purple of the orchids.

And when you react to the water pond, you can enjoy any activity there with friends and families. During the hot yet dry atmosphere like in Phu Quoc weather February. Da Ngon springs is a good way to cool off the heat, dipping in the limpid water, enjoy a camping day with friends, enjoy a perfect seafood meal. This is definitely the getaway trip you want.

This nice Phu Quoc weather February, wonderful landscape, a variety of specialties, hospitable people, these are some notable reason to visit this place immediately.