Phu Quoc weather January - discover the amazing things

Phu Quoc weather January - discover the amazing things

Phu Quoc weather January kick off the year with one of the most ideal time to visit this island. If you have any hesitate visiting this place in January, below are a few notes that will definitely make you want to travel immediately.

Phu Quoc weather January overview

Start off the year on this island is the best choice as Phu Quoc weather January is in its best. Still being in the dry season, Phu Quoc have some distinctive features of a tropical country. The weather is hot with the average temperature ranging between 31,2oC to 23,6oC, with about 5 hour of sunshine during the day. You won’t expect too much sudden rain, just little amount with the precipitation of 30 - 40 mm/month. So the atmosphere is extremely comfortable and perfect for and outdoor activities.

You have a lot of choice to enjoy your vacation on the island like going swimming, diving in one of many islets of Phu Quoc. Go to the local village to experience and witness the daily life of the people, enjoy the local specialties. There are many ways you can make your New Year trip interesting and having the best time of your life

What’s to look for while in Phu Quoc

Visit the nice places on the North of Phu Quoc island

The North of the island is popular for many fruitful land with many primitive forrest and a wide range of plants and animals. On the Northside you can witness many untouched natural scenery like some of this place.

Phu Quoc National Park

A trekking trip in the National Park

A trekking trip in the National Park

In Phu Quoc weather January with dry atmosphere it’s the perfect opportunity to go trekking or hiking through the National Park. The Park has a wide range of primitive animals and plants ecosystem and variety of mountainous geography and waterfall, ocean. This is considered the center of the biology diversity in Vietnam.

Heading out to National Park, tourists will immerse yourself into the vast and lively natural habitat. Beside, you can go and explore Chua mountain peak - the “rooftop” of Phu Quoc with the height of 600m. Standing on the mountain peak , the whole island is captured in your eyes. It seems like a green stripe alongside the large ocean, just like a painting.

Tranh spring

Tranh spring is one of the most impressive places in Phu Quoc and is considered one of Phu Quoc best tourist attractions. Even Though the spring is not very large, but it still carries a picturesque beauty and the scenery in both sides of the railroad led to the fall is also very lively.

On the way to the spring, you will go across the dense forest with many lianas hanging across, and maybe it will be a bittle gloomy. But it will come to the path that paved with many gold fried leaves and the sun is shining through the foliage of leaves.

Coming to Tranh spring, tourists can go bathing, dip yourself into the emerald and refreshing water of the fall, lying down on the gigantic rocks with the pleasant sound of the water dripping, and the sound of birds chirping, the distinguish smell of the wood nearby. It will be the trip you never forget.

Visit the nice places on the South of Phu Quoc island

The South and East of the island captivate tourists’ attention for the native land with forest and also populated by many fishing villages.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Phu Quoc weather January - discover the amazing things

The view of Ham Ninh village

Ham Ninh fishing village is under Ham Ninh mountain. Beside the same old house architecture with rooftop made of tree leaves, the villagers still remain the same simple yet meaningful daily life and work. The people here live mostly based on going fishing, and all the sea products. Now, as recently, the town has become well-known for being a tourist attraction destination.

Just crossing the bridge, you will immediately reach Ham Ninh fishing village, and experience the peaceful yet exciting daily life of the local people. Get up early every morning watching the sunrise and then you can come along the villagers heading to the sea for fishing, witness the traditional processing of seafood or go to the early market. Then later, you can sit on the beach watching the sunset, or enjoy a meal with many sea food ingredients with friends and family. With the dry Phu Quoc weather January, this is the perfect place to be.

Truong beach

Phu Quoc weather January - discover the amazing things

Truong beach have a long coastal line

Truong beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Southwest of Phu Quoc island, with the shape of an arc. This beach possess the coast with bright gold sand and clear sea water that change from time to time, pale blue, emerald, blue, depending on the depth of the sea. This place also has many hills with cottonwood and various coconut trees.

Phu Quoc weather January - discover the amazing things

The landscape in Truong beach in sunset

Truong beach have many smaller beaches, following each other through many rocky cliffs, trees and even fishing villages. The natural scenery here is still wild, peaceful and magnificent. And when you stay here, you also have the chance to get to know the surrounding local villages by travelling in Vietnamese tradition boat.

It is still the dry season in Phu Quoc weather January. With the variety of natural landscape and long-established local fishing villages, you can never get tired of this place. For more information about traveling to Vietnam, please check out our website