Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

Phu Quoc weather July is not that ideal to travel but, the islands’ landscape and people make up entirely for it. Below are some things you can expect while visit Phu Quoc this time of the year.

Phu Quoc weather July overview

Phu Quoc weather July sets the peak for rainy season in Phu Quoc island. This time of the year, it's raining heavily throughout the days, and there are about 22 days of that, so prepare to bring a raincoat or umbrella when going out. However, despite being in summer, the rain actually decrease the temperature, with the average ranging between 25oC to 30oC, which may cool off the heat a bit. And the humidity is still high as last month of 85%. So you may feel a little discomfort at first if you are not used to it, soon it will be fine. With this many rainfall, we suggest you best to visit some place in dorm or check the weather forecast first if you head outside.

What to do in Phu Quoc weather July?

Visit Vinpearl Safari

Vinpearl Safari theme park is the first theme park in Vietnam, which is located in Dai beach, Ganh Dau province, Phu Quoc. And in the unexpected Phu Quoc weather july, this place is a good choice to spend time. This park is becoming more popular to tourists for the amazing wildlife adventure it gives. The park is divided into 2 sections, the Zoo and the Safari

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

Welcome to Vinpearl Safari

The Zoo is only for wild animals, all are both raising in fences and nature grazing; including many exclusive local animals to the many distinctive biological land in the world in Europe, South Africa, Australia and India

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

You can get to see so many animals

You can mention a few like camels, giraffes, langurs, pile gibbons, Arabian giselles, African lion, Bengal, peacocks, flamingos, bulls, cranes, hyenas, lemurs,...

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

There are so many activities here in the Safari

The Safari is built like the habitat that part man made part natural, is a vivid example of a living system of animals and plants. This place is built like any standard Safari in the world with proper space for the animals. So you will feel really real when you visiting the Safari as if you are in the wild life.

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

Seeing a whale performing show

What fascinating about this place is that you can have the experience of being “locked out” that only happen in Vinpearl Safari. In which, you can witness with your own eyes how the lion pack play around with each other, how the giraffes feeding, or the rhinoceros dip in the mud pond,.. And in a safe distance.

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Visit fish source factory

Phu Quoc weather July might be better than you think

The giant casks in the factory

Mention Phu Quoc, beside the beautiful beaches with authentic fishing villages, and the generous people, you have to talk about the famous fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc, with a distinguish smell of the sea brewed in huge casks, that produce a much quality taste and color.

When you visit the fish sauce factory, you will get the opportunity to watch the whole process of manufacturing this premium taste fish sauce. You can watch how they pick the ingredient, semi processing and put into the casks.  All the giant casks next to each other, is where the sauce kept and then extract to small cans. And when the trip is over you can easily purchase these canned sauce in the exhibition room.

As right now, there are only 3 fish sauce factories are authorized to open for visit, you can look up the specific address of these factories: Khai Hoan factory, Phung Hung factory and Thinh Phat factory.

Visit Phu Quoc prison

Phu Quoc prison was built in 1953, in Cay Dua town, An Thoi province, Phu QUoc, so it has another name “Cay Dua prison”. The prison isn’t active right now, instead it’s become a tourist site for anibody want to know about Vietnam history. This place is the witness of some gruiesome torture on Vietnamese people in both Invasion War against France and America. There are many figure dislaying how the torture like in the most lively way as posible for tourists to imagine what it was like back then. So if you are enthusiastic in learning history, this place is not to be missed.

Phu Quoc weather July may appear to be a difficult time to travel at first, but with the variety of attraction destination that fit the aquiry. Phu Quoc is still the top choice to visit in Vietnam