What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

Phu Quoc weather March is still in the best time of the dry season. We make a list to show you what you can enjoy while visiting these islands.

Phu Quoc weather March overview

Phu Quoc weather March is still in the best time of the year to visit. With the average temperature of 28oC, and the humidity is low, with less rain this time of the year. There is no stopping you from enjoying this wonderful trip. It’s ideal to spend time outdoors, most likely in the beach with many exciting activities. Just remember to put on sunscreen when you heading out and be safe while pursuit some adventurous explore.

How to enjoy Phu Quoc weather March?

Enjoy an adventurous trip

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

Go trekking in the National Park

Beside all the beaches and islet that already familiar, you can enjoy something different, more adventurous and way more close to nature. That is a trip to the forests in National Park, all the famous spring like Tranh spring, Da Ban spring, Da Ngon spring,...And there are so many outdoor pursuits you can enjoy here like hiking, climbing, trekking,...

If you head to National Park during Phu Quoc weather March, you just come at the right time. You can easily book a tour with a local tour guide, depending on which location you want to visit, they will lead you through different path that is exciting and yet completely safe. The most popular one may be a 4-hour-tour to conquer Chua mountain at the height of 565m - also known as the “rooftop” of the island. Through the hike and reach to the peak, you will feel completely satisfied and accomplished, looking above the unknown, into the sky, the whole island is in your eye-sight. The scenery will make you wonder whether this is a painting or not, especially when the sunset with all the intense color.

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

Tranh spring is a must visit location

Or if you and your family want to experience something less adventurous, you can definitely go to all the famous spring in town. Some familiar spring like Da Ngo, Da Ban, Tranh spring,.. It’s guaranteed that when visitors come to these places, they will enjoy the quality time with friends and families. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature like the forests, the fall, water ponds, while enjoying a picnic or camping day, that will be something unforgettable.

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Visit local village

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

Ham Ninh village in the afternoon

Not only Ham Ninh fishing village, which already famous, Phu Quoc all have many other local villages worth visiting. The similar things about these villages is that they all have incredible view, nice and hospitable villagers, many local specialties,.. You can name a few like : Cua Can village, Ganh Dau village, Rach Vem village, Rach Tram village,... Most of these villages all have amazing beaches, lots of must visit places.

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

The daily life of the villagers

You can reach these villages to enjoy a few days get to know the basic daily life of a village. That all of them, fishing is the main occupation. Visitors can go on a boat headed out to the ocean with the fishermen in the early morning, learning to catch some fish, squids, other sea products. Or go to the morning sea market to buy some freshly caught seafood, visit fish source factories,... And then when the sunset, you can go to the porch, watching the whole place scenery, all the boats coming home from afar, in the glory glow of the sun coming down. This is definitely something you want to experience

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

Go fishing near by the villages

Visit some Phu Quoc famous destination

Phu Quoc ridgeback dog farm

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

The farm with Vietnam precious ridgeback dogs

Phu Quoc ridgeback dog is considered Vietnam signature dogs. They are well-known for their intelligence, bravery and loyalty. So if you want to see this dog’s breed, you can visit some Phu Quoc dog farm, and maybe you want to bring home one. All of the dog farm are well equipped with many section,

Phu Quoc prison

What to anticipate in Phu Quoc weather March

The historical site in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc prison also known as “Cay Dua prison”, located in An Thoi province, Phu Quoc. This place has gone through the French and American Invasion War, witness many historic moments of Vietnamese people. If you want to know a bit about Vietnam history, you might have to spend a little time to visit this prison. There are many models, reenactment of what the prisoners’ lives were like back then. This place is the proof of how much despair all the meaningless wars brought.

Phu Quoc weather March is definitely in the most ideal time to visit. Hesitate no more, go on a trip to this island and have the best time of your life