You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November

What’s Phu Quoc weather November like is the question everybody wonders when they want to travel to this beautiful island in Vietnam. We might have the answer to your question with some amazing destination to visit in the list below.

Phu Quoc weather November overall

Phu Quoc weather November is in the beginning of the dry season here. And this is considered the ideal time to visit Phu Quoc, starting from November to March. There is hardly any rain this season, about 6 to 7 days in November rain, but the amount is not that much as the previous month. And the temperature starts to rise, with the average between 24 to 31, and the humidity decrease low to 76% average. The day is full of sunshine and beautiful clear sky. With the amazing condition like this, Phu Quoc is the top choice to visit and enjoy many experiences here. You can literally enjoy any kind of outdoor activities, and get to know the life of this islands like diving, swimming, trekking, hiilking,...

The perfect Phu Quoc weather November to travel

The dry season in Phu Quoc weather November is considered to be the most ideal time to visit Phu Quoc island. From October to March, with clear blue sky, sunshine, you can enjoy any outdoor activities here. Especially going to the beaches or island. You may want to check out Sao beaches or Mong Tay island

Sao beach

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

The enchanting Sao beach

Not as much tourist development as other beaches, so this place remain its untouched natural scenery. The name of the beach, “Sao”, means star, everytime the night come, there are thousand of starfishes lying on the sand, so the local people started naming the beach so. The water here is peaceful, the wave mostly ripple then it's quiet again. Sao beach water is the color of light blue, the further you go the water gets darker. Also the sand here has the color of milky white and very soft along the 100 meter coast, so it is safe for children, especially the one can’t swim. So pretty much this place is suitable for families and friends go for a relaxing trip and might be some trekking along the beach to enjoy the view.

Mong Tay islets

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

A view of Mong Tay islets

Mong Tay islets, one of the five most beautiful islets of Phu Quoc island and extremely favored by visitors. Mong Tay in Vietnamese means finger nail, the islet was named so because of finger nail trees. This place still have reserve its original beauty, as if no human touch can affect the generous natural scenery here. Mong Tay islets welcome you with a clear blue sky, rows of coconut trees, the light breeze from the sea and the soft white sand. And you pretty much enjoy doing anything here, swimming, sunbathing, go sightseeing,... And all so not to mention the gorgeous coral reef that only takes 5 minutes on canoe to get there. The coral grows all together in a gigantic reef with many wonderful, vivid colors, you can just put your head under the water and see the coral perfectly.

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

Diving to sea the coral

Phu Quoc prison

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

An installations in Phu Quoc prison based on a real story

Phu Quoc prison, also known as “Cay Dua prison”, located in An Thoi town. This place witnesses in the war against the French and Americans, many prisoners held captive and were cruelly tortured. Visiting Phu Quoc prison now, you will get to observe some of the real history that happen in this place, with live figures that depict what life is like for the prisoners being punished. There are some almost unbelievable torture, like putting the prisoner in a barf-wired cage in the middle of the noon, putting nail on human body. All just give you a hint how heroic Vietnamese are in those dark days

Duong Dong market

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

The sea market in the early morning

Duong Dong market located in the right centre of Duong Dong town, right next to Duong Dong river, this is the biggest market in Phu Quoc island. Around 4 o’clock in the morning, the market is already filled with merchandise. There are a variety of things on display here, especially fresh and dried seafood. The fresh seafood is caught right at dawn and immediately bring to the market. Beside the place for the local people buy food and stuff, it’s also a tourist attractions. You can come here to buy local specialty as a souvenir in the store alongside the market. Or buy some local famous seafood like fish sauce, dried fish, dried squid, bring home.  You might want to enjoy some local Center Vietnam food like: banh canh cha, cha porridge, rieu noodle,...

You really have to travel in Phu Quoc weather November 

A corner of Dong Duong market

Without doubt, Phu Quoc weather November  is the best time to visit ias you can enjoy many exciting outdoor activities you want to. Whenever the time you come to Phu Quoc, this beautiful and generous will always welcome you.