Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

If you come to this mesmerising island, Sao beach Phu Quoc is definitely one of the places you should visit first. Below are a few tips that you can do while staying there.

Where is Sao beach Phu Quoc? And to get there

Sao beach Phu Quoc is considered one of the hottest tourist attractions. Just 28 kilometers away from Dong Duong town, you can reach there by motorbike or grab a taxi. From the town, go straight to the South along Tran Hung Dao streets, you will come across a bridge. On the other side is Bai Sao village. And just go 33 minutes more, you finally see the path lead to Sao beach. Also, the path to the beach is pretty bumpy, it may take you awhile to get there.

Why we should go to Sao beach Phu Quoc

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

The white sand beach

The best time to visit Sao beach Phu Quoc is from June to October, the dry season; while the on the raining season, you should be careful and see the weather forecast before traveling. 

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Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

Enjoy your time in Sao beach

The beach’s name is Sao, which in Vietnamese mena star. The villagers explain that every night after sunset, when the beach is dark, there are hundreds of starfish washed to the shore. So the people started naming this place Sao; the distinguishing feature of this place.

Sao beach have a crescent-shape and is surrounded by many rock cliff. Therefore, when you reach this destination, a whole view of wild and primitive natural scenery while open in front of you. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy a great escape trip to a white creamy sandbank,clear and refreshing water, miles of coconut, palm trees and forests. Where is a perfect place to pursue any outdoor activities, trekking, climbing, canoeing,.... This will definitely be one of the best trips you had ever had.

Sao beach Phu Quoc shore and sea creature

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

Sao beach is known for diverse sea life

Unlike any other islands with golden sand like Nha Trang, rich brown sand in Vung Tau, Sao beach possesses a creamy white sang coast. Under the bright and sunny skies, they glow like diamonds. If you go further to the North, the sand is the most clean, smooth and white. Go further to to the South the sand get rougher and some areas are even more gold. 

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

People swimming in the sea

The beach here is pretty quiet, less waves and a cozy and warm sea water in a particular color: emerald. The further you head out, the darker the water gets. Also the beach here is quite shallow, at some part, it’s perfect to go swimming, especially with kids. But be careful don’t head out to far, as there are many underwater rock cliffs on both sides of the beach. 

What to do in Sao beach Phu Quoc?

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

There are many activities to do here

There are many outdoor activities here that you can pursuit, even with the help of the local guilde like: surfing, kayaking, fishing,... The best and easiest way is to just lying on the beach, having a sunbath, admiring the scenery and the light breeze from the sea.

Why we should visit Sao beach Phu Quoc

Go to the ocean and catch some sea urchin

If you get on a boat and head to the ocean, you will spot many small fish shoal, needle fish and some time small squid. And if you stay on land, you still be able to catch some shellfish (crab, shrimp, oysters,...). Sometimes if you are lucky, you may catch some sea urchins. Ofcourse, you can ask the local restaurant to cook the fish you just caught with a fair price you have yourself a nice seafood meal. 

On both North and South end of the beach, there are various coral reef with many species and colors, you can easily rent the diving or snorkeling equipment from nearby restaurants or resorts. We recommend that you can go snorkeling because the water is pretty shallow, just put your head down and you already see the coral reef.

If you even want to have more adventure, we suggest you may be heading toward the North and the South end of the beach, where almost every natural landscape remains the same. You have a local tour guide lead you into the primitive forest or go to some rock cliff offshore for an exciting experience.

Not being exploited much like other beaches, Sao beach Phu Quoc still retains its natural scenery and atmosphere. This is a must visit place for tourists to have the best time of your life.