Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc?

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc?

Thom beach Phu Quoc, one of the must visit location while you are on this island. Possesses an astonishing natural scenery, Thom beach is guaranteed to make you vacation the best ever.

Thom beach Phu Quoc location

Thom beach is located in Bai Thom village, about 35 kilometers away from Duong Dong village and is nearby to the dense primitive forests of Phu Quoc National Park. The path from Duong Dong town to the village is paved with stone and is an exciting experience if you travel by motorbike when visiting Phu Quoc. Thom beach have only about 1,5 kilometer of shore and it may not be appealing like other at first but there is an undeniable charm about this amazing beach.

What to do while you are in Thom beach Phu Quoc?

The wonderful landscape in Thom beach Phu Quoc

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

Thom beach is known for the wilderness scenery

Thom beach Phu Quoc is the perfect place to watch the sunset and sunrise, as both will give you the intense feeling of this marvelous place in nature “light” show. This beach is still remains wild with many primitive and untouched landscape. Next to Thom is a small islet, Mot is set, connect to Thom beach through a small bridge made of rocks and only available when the tide is low. During the time that the tide is high, you can only approach the islet by a boat, and if you want to have some adventure, you can actually swim across there. 

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

Thom beach during sunset glow

From the shore, you can easily spot Cambodian island of Kampot and Kep province. The vegetation surrounding the coast is mostly cotton wood, a few species of palm trees and somewhat coconuts. The sea and also the shore have variety of stone. Some with shellfish live above may be the volcano stone. And the sand here is rather clear, it looks like sail and pepper. Sme part of the beach is even better than other

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

The bridge to Mot islet

The sea level of Thom beach Phu Quoc is rather shallow, and when the water goes down, leave behind with many sea creatures. Like crap, shellfish,... And depending on the season, the purity of the sea water change.

Visit alligator farm in Thom beach Phu Quoc 

Phu Hai alligator farm in Da Chong, Bai Thom village will provide an overview of how the alligators are raised. You can spot about 2.500 alligators in the farm ready to sell for meat and skin. 

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

Phu Hai alligator farm hatchery

You can have a tour around the hatchery, the processing factory and the grown-up alligators in cages. Vietnam 2 types of alligators, which mostly are being exported illegally to China, Thailand and other countries. So this farm is built to create a supply chain and prevent the illegal hunting.

Go on a cruise and experience with the local fishermen

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

The boat of the local villager head out to the ocean

Even Though Thom beach Phu Quoc is gorgeous but the water is pretty low and there are many stones underneath so it is not ideal to go swimming here, but this is an opportunity to experience the life of a real fisherman.

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

Catching fishes and sea urchin

You can come here and be a fisherman for a day with the fishing challenge; catching snail and shellfish. Thom beach is one of 2 beaches in Phu Quoc you can actually do those things because it’s rather wild and the sea creatures live close to shore.

Why you should come to Thom beach Phu Quoc

Diving to see the coral reef

You can also rent a boat headed out to the sea and maybe go to Mot island. If you have the chance to catch some fish, squid or other sea creature, you can have them cooked at a nearby restaurant in the village with a small fee. You can also participate in diving under the water  in the ocean to visit Thom’s diversity coral reef. Any resort nearby will have all the equipment needed for snorkeling or diving. 

It’s clearly that Thom beach Phu Quoc is the destination you want to visit during the trip to Vietnam. With blessed natural scenery and hospitable local people, Thom beach always welcome you.