HOT: Rong May Glass Bridge in Sapa Opened to tourits

HOT: Rong May Glass Bridge in Sapa Opened to tourits

Recently, a clip which is made by a tourist who experienced the Rong May glass bridge in Sa Pa has been prevalent in the social community. After a long time, the highest and longest glass bridge in Vietnam opened to tourists.

I am sure that this bridge will be the most attractive place for not only local people but also foreign tourists. Let show you its beauty through these pictures.

1. Where is the Rong May glass bridge?

Rong May glass bridge will be the hottest tourist attraction in the upcoming time. This is the first glass bridge in Vietnam. The glass-bottomed suspension bridge has been built at a height of 300 meters in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Rong May glass bridge

Where is the Rong May glass bridge?

This is one of the greatest masterpieces that belong to Thac Trang Cong Troi Ecotourism&Resort Complex. The starting point of Rong May glass bridge, Sa Pa is O Quy Ho pass.

The bridge tightly embraces Hoang Lien Son Mountain, 17 kilometers away from the center of Sa Pa Town, to the direction of Lai Chau.

2. About Rong May tourist area

2.1 Outdoor elevator

Rong May glass bridge

Outdoor elevator Rong May glass bridge

I am sure that when hearing about the outdoor elevator, a lot of people will be scared but I still have to tell you that this elevator is made of glass. This elevator system is used with a height of 2200 meters above the sea level.

The elevator has three faces which are made of glass. Sungate Group which built the bridge at its Rong May Tourist Complex said the glass could withstand the weight of 3 people at a time. Moreover, the speed of this elevator is quite low so tourists don’t need to be so worried.

When using this elevator system, tourists can go through the clouds and feel like being in paradise. In addition, the Tay Bac forest will become smaller and smaller in your eyes.

2.2 Rong May glass bridge – a marvelous masterpiece of Southeast Asia

It is impossible not to count the Rong May glass bridge reaching out of the cliffs. The floor surface is made entirely of glass instead of concrete or wood-like other bridges. Glass floor is made of 3 layers of toughened glass with a thick layer of special glue. All projects are censored and checked very carefully. 

Rong May glass bridge

Rong May glass bridge

Rong May glass bridge in Sa Pa has a 5-meter wide and 300-meter long walk along the high cliffs. With its design, the bridge can withstand the weight of 3000 people at a time but it is allowing a maximum of 500.

Standing on the glass bridge, you will enjoy the feeling of seeing through the mountains. If you are afraid of height, you should only look at the surrounding scenery, not to look down.

3. The price of Rong May glass bridge

This is the price table of Rong May glass bridge


(Applied from 1/7 -31/12/2019)



Glass elevator - Glass bridge and tourist activities of eco-sightseeing along mountain roads


(Elevator return ticket included)  



 (Elevator return  ticket included)

Going up - down the mountain by ecological roads and mountain top activities  


(Elevator one-way ticket included)



(Elevator one-way ticket included) 


Do not disappoint those crazy of Sapa, now Rong May glass bridge has officially been open to welcome visitors. Hurry up and come to Sapa, our buddies! Don’t forget to check out Sapa's hottest check-in locations from