Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

Not as hot as previous summer month, Sapa Vietnam weather August is much more suitable for visitors especially friends and family. Below are some attraction destinations that you should check out while in Sapa

Sapa Vietnam weather August overview

Sapa Vietnam weather August is still in the rainy season of the year. Despite in the summertime, Sapa though is considered to have quite a cool and comfortable weather for a tropical typical city, much different from other regions in Vietnam. The average temperature is consistent of 21°C, with 5 hours of sunshine per day.

Although, in August, Sapa sees lots of heavy rainfall, with approximately average precipitation of  430mm, during the course of 23 days. It’s recommended for tourists visiting this place in this time of the year, to bring along an umbrella and raincoat, when going outside.

Due to the heavy rain, the humidity increase up to 83%. If you are not used to the tropical land, the weather may cause you discomfort and fatigue. Of course, this annoying feeling won’t last long and you can still enjoy the perfect view of Sapa.

What attraction destination you should go and visit in Sapa Vietnam weather August

Sapa terraced rice field

Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

Terraced rice field in Cat Cat village

August is the time when you visit Sapa, you will be mesmerizing by the rice paddle. The rice plants have sprouted, put a green all over the view of Sapa. You can easily spot terraced rice field in some villages like Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Ta Van village and Muong Hoa valley. Each village is populated by different Vietnamese minority ethnic people. So you can just admire the terraced rice field at the same time learn about the daily life and farming of each ethnic group.

If you visit Sapa at the end of August, this time the rice paddle will turn golden as the plants are all ripe and ready for harvest. Take a glance from afar, Sapa turned into much more romantic and enchanting attractions. It’s clearly that the rice paddle is best to visit in this time of the year, filled with many vivid colors. Just take a walk, strolling along the road up to the field, you can absorb the beauty and the smell of the rice field.

Sapa flowers garden

Rose flowers in Sapa

Rose flowers in Sapa

Sapa is known for having many beautiful flower gardens of many bright colors. Some of the gardens you should know is in the foot of Fansipan Mountain, Cat Cat village, in Sau Chua Sapa, Cable Car Station,... And there are various types of flowers too, like: Sunflowers, Hydrangea, Roses, Orchids,.., all are blossom each time of the year.

Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

Sunflowers blooming in August

In Sapa Vietnam weather in August, it’s suggested for visitors to check out the Sunflowers garden at the Fansipan Mountain foot. This is the time the Sunflowers blossoms and cover the whole valley with golden color, matching with the color of the terraced rice field. The garden is pretty popular for the young people to come visit and taking pictures in this vibrant garden. Don’t worry about the rain that may bother you, the amount of sunshine during the day is still high and there are about 30% of this month that will rain.

Sapa sky gate

Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

At the peak of Sky Gate

Sapa sky gate is especially worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August. Located in Tram Ton pass, crept in Hoang Lien Son Mountain range, 18 kilometers away from Sapa town.  The top of this pass is the sky gate.  This place, just like the name, is like the gateway up to the sky. Standing in this place, you can take a look at the whole Sapa, all the forest, terraced rice paddle, a glance of Fansipan Mountain. Because, this is still the rainy season, the place is filled with fog and cloud, give off the feeling of a mystery heavenly place. Thanks to the quite pleasant weather, you won’t feel much discomfort while walking up to the place. It’s guaranteed worth the effort go all the way up, to admire the view, and they look even better in pictures.

Is it worth visiting in Sapa Vietnam weather August?

Going up to the Sky Gate.

A few notes while preparing for a trip in Sapa Vietnam weather August

  • Always remember carrying an umbrella or a raincoat, due to the high season of raining
  • Eating: Bring some snack or small treat, when going on an outdoor adventure, there may be not a lot of stores at some destinations
  • August is still in the summertime, with high percentage of humidity, which sometimes can easily causing dehydrate

Sapa Vietnam weather August is in high time for tourists to come and visit, with many natural advantage and the generosity of the local people, this place with no doubt remains of the must visit city on Vietnam