Ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

Ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

Sapa Vietnam weather February is actually not as harsh as January. However, to make the best out of the trip, you should check a few notes below and get ready now.

How is Sapa Vietnam weather February?

Sapa Vietnam weather February is on the last day of winter. With the average temperature of 11°C, but the days are getting warmer and had longer sunshine time than January. You may expect to frost and freezing in the middle of the night as the temperature still drop low Although, being situated 1650m above sea level, surrounded by many mountains range, and large covered forests, it’s noted that this time of the year, Sapa has rather foggy and cloudy weather. The humidity is almost the same as last month, sometimes can reach up to 82%. Despite that, you honestly won’t feel any discomfort or annoy because the cool temperature. Of course, due to the fog and drizzle, some outdoor activities like hiking or trekking are limits. At least, if visitors want to participate in any activity, checking the weather forecast daily is advised.

The place you should definitely visit in Sapa Vietnam weather February

Fansipan Mountain

Ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

Fansipan- the “rooftop” of Indochina

Even though, the sky may sometimes be a bit foggy, but Fansipan is still considered one of the must visit places in Sapa. Known as the highest mountain of Indochina, part of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. There’s no denying about how marvelous this place is, and the February weather just makes it feel more untouchable and magnificent. As the climate is not so cold and frizzy like January, the day has longer sunshine, visitors can enjoy a hiking trip to the top of the mountain as well as taking the cable car ride. Both ways allow you to explore and witness the hidden majestic Fansipan under the foggy haze, which shows how to elevate the mystery of the place. But be aware though, if you want to go on a hiking or trekking trip, it’s important to prepare beforehand. Water, food and medicine are vital, you should take enough for the hike. Also, the night in Sapa Vietnam weather February, still have the temperature low, remember to bring extra clothes and blanket, just in case the other gets wet. All this precaution will make your trip easier and more memorable.

Visit the Cafe in the Clouds

Ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

The coffee house with an amazing view

One of the most famous coffee shops in Sapa with a remarkable view, Cafe in the Clouds is the must go place especially in the cold weather in February. What is better than sitting in a cozy indoor house on the mountain, sipping from a hot cup of coffee and take a look at the amazing view surrounding. Visitors can actually oversee all the beauty spots and scenery of the rice terraced field, the streams go around the town and local villages houses. So many great views that you should bring a camera to take pictures to keep as memories of this place. This is a cafe that tourists go to the most, not just for a relaxing time, it’s the place to get to know better about Sapa as a whole, too. It’s ideal to check this place as soon as you arrive in Sapa, to decide which attraction destination you want to visit first.

Ham Rong Mountain

Ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

The unique Dragon head shape of Ham Rong Mountain

Not as high or grand as the Fansipan, but Ham Rong Mountain still attracts people with its own charm. Just another mountain of Hoang Lien Son range, Ham Rong distinguishes itself for its formation. The mountain shaped like a dragon head raising with his mouth open. Aiming to the sky. The mountain’s name itself literally means Dragon Jaw. That’s been said, there are many myths, legends and folktales explaining the origin of this mountain. Whichever the version are, they are all for admiring the breath-taking magnificent beauty of Ham Rong Mountain. Thus, in the Sapa weather in February, there’s tend to be a little bit foggy and drizzle, which brings even more the mythical vibe to this unique mountain.

How to prepare for a trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

  • You should buy some handicraft from the local market, as each represents the unique signature of different Vietnamese minority ethnic. They’re great for souvenir, gift to bring back home
  • You should choose the homestay as the place for resting. This is the quickest way to learn about the life and culture of the minority ethnic people. Each ethnic group live in different villages, some of the nicest and most well-known villages are Cat Cat (occupied by the H’Mong people) and Ta Phin (occupied by the Dao people)
  • Sapa is not only known for the amazing view but also the tribal culinary cuisine. All the food here has a lot of nutrition, energy and exceptionally delicious. Some of the dishes you should taste: Thang Co, seven colors sticky rice, Khau Nhuc,..

Get ready for an amazing trip in Sapa Vietnam weather February

Thang Co is served in any local market

With the temperature like Sapa Vietnam weather February, maybe there are some outdoor activities limited. However, all the magnificent views, extraordinary people and culture, especially the diversity of Vietnamese minority ethnics. There are still so many things are waiting for you to go and discover.