Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Apart from the heat from another city, Sapa Vietnam weather June is considered nice and ideal for any escape and exploring this place. Here are a few suggestions for your travel.

Sapa Vietnam weather June in general

Sapa Vietnam weather June is in the summer season of the year. Even in the summer of a tropical country, since situated in the Far West North mountain range, Sapa still enjoy quite a pleasant weather  than any city in Northern Vietnam.

The average temperature this time ranging between 18°C and 24 °C with many times of sunshine in the daylight, about 5 hours per day. Some towns in Sapa, tourists can even feel the presence of 4 seasons in just one day. However, visits may expect lots of rainy days, about 22 days in June. With the same amount of rainfall like in May, of about 307mm precipitation, sometimes there's maybe some heavy rainfall. You should definitely bring an umbrella or raincoat every time you heading out.

The large amount of rain makes the humidity much denser, can reach to 81%. But since June is in summer, sometimes you may feel a little bit fatigued and sticky. And remember to drink enough water as it is easy to become dehydrated. Still, this feeling will wear off soon and you can enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty being outdoors.

A few suggestions for enjoying Sapa in June

Visiting Bac (Silver) fall

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

The majestic beauty of Bac fall

Way to cool off the heat in Sapa Vietnam weather June is visiting Bac (Silver) waterfall. Bac waterfall located 15 kilometers away from Sapa town, right beside the national highway 4D. It’s very convenient to get to this place. With 200m of height, Bac fall is the upstream of Muong Hoa River. Looking from afar the stream fall looks so silver-like, that’s why the local people call it Bac (Silver).  Not only that, visitors can admire the natural beauty surrounding the fall, consists of many crops, dense forest. This is the best way to escape the heat and the intense sunshine. Getting down under, witnessing the mighty of the fall, the fresh air and atmosphere of the forest nearby. Especially, just 2 km away, there’s Ton Station, the starting spot for visitors to go up to the Fansipan Mountain.

Experience the Dao people herb bath

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Visitor enjoying the traditional Dao people herb bath

It’s known the Dao people herb water can do so much for one’s health, is also considered a therapy. The herb watery can boost the blood circulation, reduce the effect of alcohol, muscular pain, and good for improving skin condition. It’s very suitable for visitors in summer, relaxing in the bathtub, as a therapy for detox and refreshing body. There can be about ten to hundreds of ingredients for making the water. Some herbs are crucial like: ap chua dau, quyen doi may, ne nam & don gian, etc. All ingredients are plant and hand pick here; carefully washed and boiled for more than 3 hours. Particularly, there is a special wood, called “Pemou wood”, which has a unique scent that can last for a really long time. The Dao people bath has lasted for generations, and it’s a signature of this place that you should definitely try for once.

Picking in the fruit garden

If you want to bring home some specialty from this place, Sapa Vietnam weather June is in time to harvest fruits. There are so many types of fruits here, some are only presented in this place. Sapa in June is filled with Chinese Bayberries, Medlars, Peaches and Plum,.. You can go to to Ta Phin, 12 kilometers away from Sapa, to pick yourself many fruits as you want. There Are some of the fruits that you should try and pick to home

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Ta Van plum is known for the sweet taste, beautiful red color. People also make wine from this juicy fruits.

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Sapa is famous for having many type peaches: Vang peaches, H’Mong peaches, Van Nam peaches. All are gorgeous to look at, and sweet to the taste.

Sapa Vietnam weather June - the right time in the right place.

Sapa medlar is the fruit that only can find here. June is the month to harvest this special fruits. They may taste bitter but are perfect to make into any beverage. They not only taste good but also good for the health.

A few reminders while in Sapa Vietnam weather June

  • Bring a hat along when the sun is too bright, and an umbrella in case there is a rain
  • Always put on sunscreen while going out
  • Keep yourself always hydrated as sometimes the weather after rain might be a bit uncomfortable.

Despite the heat of summer, Sapa Vietnam weather June is still in the perfect time to visit this place. If you want to escape from the intense from the city, Sapa is the place to be. Visiting our website for furthermore information on traveling to Sapa or anywhere else in Vietnam.