Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

One of the most visited seasons of the year, Sapa Vietnam weather November sure is charming and love than ever. We make a list of what you should do while visiting Sapa this October

Sapa Vietnam weather November overview

It’s still in the peak season of tourists since September, thanks to the perfect Sapa Vietnam weather November. Located on the valley of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, this provides a rather dynamic foggy scenery, while the weather is still pleasant with fresh air and a cool breeze. Surrounded by many forests and gardens, Sapa is blessed with a colorful view filled with green and vivid color of flower blossoming thanks to the weather here.

The average temperature set about 11°C to 17°C with less sunshine time than last month, 4 hours a day. However, there will be less rainfall, with the precipitation of 56mm in this month. As the winter is getting closer, you may expect the weather becomes milder and cooler breeze. As the humidity still high, sometimes can reach to 82%, but due to the pleasing weather and temperature you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. This weather is perfect for any outdoor trip at anytime of the day, as Sapa is most beautiful this season.

Where to visit in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Ham Rong Mountain

Ready for a holiday inSapa Vietnam weather November

The majestic view of Ham Rong mountain

Situated in the center of Sapa town, Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most visited attraction destinations. With approximately 2000m height, the mountain looks majestic from afar. The Mountain has the shape of a dragon head looking upon the sky, just like the name itself, Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw). It’s also suitable for any activity like climbing or trekking. On the way to the peak, you will go on a path filled with stone steps and winding trail hangers across some major streams.

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Ham Rong is known for many flowers gardens

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Various type of flowers blossoming

Ham Rong Mountain is also known for possessing many flowers and orchid garden. And in Sapa Vietnam weather November, it’s still in time to witness many flowers blossoming and the fruits bloom. The place is lit up with so many beautiful bright color of various flowers like the orchid, rose, gerbera,.. It would be an ideal place for taking pictures and enjoy the view. Not to mention, the fruit are desirable and fruitful, with apricot, plum, peach,..

Sapa night market

Ready for a holiday inSapa Vietnam weather November

The night marketing attracts local people and tourists.

With Sapa Vietnam weather in November is not that cold during the night. It’s nice to stroll down the street to the night market. One of Sapa specialties, the night market is the place that coming of age boys and girls, across the town, mostly of H’Mong minority ethnic, gather and get to know each other. They are dancing in traditional clothes, singing, using traditional musical instruments. It’s an exciting experience for anyone first time watching and a long-forget memory.

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Many local foods are on display

And if you get hungry from the walking, you may as well try some Sapa local dishes. Notably, there are a lot of skew dishes, hot and tasty, with many flavors you can try. All ingredients, fish, meat, vegetables are all harvest here and known for the exquisite quality. There’s nothing more than some late-night snack in cool, breezy weather in November.

Cat Cat village

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

Cat Cat village from a far

One of the most famous and beautiful villages in Sapa, Cat Cat is a must-visit place, especially in Sapa Vietnam weather November. Just 3 kilometers away from Sapa Town, with easy transportation. This village with blessed natural scenery, water streams, nearby forest and hills. Populated by the H’Mong minority ethnic people, Cat Cat village has a terraced rice field that provides the means of living for the villagers, also an excellent glorious working view.

Ready for a holiday in Sapa Vietnam weather November

On the entrance of the village

The village itself is a nice combination of humans and nature. All the houses here are built from wood in a traditional structure, and other architecture sites, too. Like Si bridge, A Lu bridge, a water mill that has been in the village for generations. The H’Mong people still keep their traditional ways of living, with many daily objects that are traditionally made, and all the rituals are still remained until now.

Ready for a holiday inSapa Vietnam weather November

A view of watermills and stream

Things that you should bring while in Sapa

  • Personal paper is always attached to you, keep your money safe while going out
  • Make sure to bring suitable clothes, it’s may get cold during the night
  • Bring some necessary medicine
  • Watch out if you have a special allergy.

Before heading to winter, Sapa Vietnam weather November is still ideal for visitors to come if you want to enjoy nice, mild weather with the site of the flowers blossoming. For more information on traveling to Sapa or anywhere else in Vietnam, check out our website