Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Sapa Vietnam weather October provide visitors the best experience while travelling to Sapa this time of the year. Below are some attraction destinations has picked that you can check out.

Sapa Vietnam weather October overall

It’s certain that Sapa Vietnam weather October is in the most ideal time to visit this place. Located in Mountainous northwest Vietnam, surrounded by Hoang Lien Son Mountain range with dense forest, Sapa enjoys rather nice and mild weather than any other part of Vietnam. Especially in October, autumn is the best season to visit. With the average temperature ranging between 13°C and 20°C and there are about 4 hours of sunshine in the daytime. There may be rainfall in some areas, with the average precipitation of 91 mm in October. You may expect high humidity can reach 82%. It may get a little bit foggy and drizzle during the day but the cooler temperature will get you through without any trouble. And if you enjoy some outdoor activity, it’s better to bring some extra clothes and water to make the trip without bother.

Where to go in Sapa Vietnam weather October

Sapa Stone Church

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

The architecture of the Stone Church

Sapa Stone Church, known as the Holy Rosary Church, located in the center of Sapa Town. The Church architecture is the old French architecture, built from the early 20th century. Since its construction, the Church went through a lot of up and down and standing still up to now. The Church was all built from stone with a little touch of sand and lime. With the shape of a cross, the church structure complement each other especially in some details like the roof, the bell,... make this place be in harmony with the surroundings.

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

The place attracts the locals and visitors

This place holds many important activities and rituals from the Vietnamese minority ethnic people. Including, the usual Saturday outdoor activity. In the tennis area in front of the church, some captivate local activities take place. Usually, they use traditional instruments like trumpet, leaf trumpet and do the traditional dance “xoe” that light up the whole place.

Harvest time in Sapa’s villages.

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

The golden terraced rice paddle

Under Sapa Vietnam weather October, it’s time for the crop to be harvested. All the terraced rice paddle is ripe with a bright and joyous golden color. Every village in Sapa in October looks like putting on a new coat, and the refreshing smell is everywhere. In between, the ethnic people's houses are spotted on, and the people are working hard. It looks like a real-life painting with the harmony between nature and people.

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Harvesting time in Ta Van village

It’s easy to see the rice paddle view when visiting the villages, particularly Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village,...where the field varies and the site of houses and other architecture are spectacular. Thus, each village is populated by different Vietnamese minority ethnic people. So not only you can enjoy the view but also get to know more about each group tradition and daily life.

Visit Muong Hoa valley

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Muong Hoa from afar

For anyone in Sapa, Muong Hoa is their specialty. The place is extremely gorgeous in Sapa Vietnam weather October and it’s better to be observed from afar. Visitors conveniently go sightseeing on a train. And the train can take up and down all around the place, without missing any scenery. Or you can also take the cable car on the way to Fansipan Mountain peak, they can take you to see all the beauty of Muong Hoa valley.

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Inside the train to sight-seeing

Not just the sight of the golden rice, the place has so much to offer. They're also the Hoa stream that flows around the valley across the terraced rice paddle that glitters from a far distance. And especially, there is the famous Ancient Stone site. Many giant stones that are located in Ban Pho, they are all carved on the surface. Some of the patterns that found similar to Dong Son culture, dated back from 2000 to 3000 years. It may describe various ethnic with sophisticated expression in the picture. This definitely leaves visitors excited to witness this mysterious ancient site along with the beautiful enchanting surrounding.

Should we travel to Sapa Vietnam weather October?

Cable ride to Fansipan

Sapa Vietnam weather October provides the best time to visit this place with many exciting things to explore. You guaranteed will not be disappointed with the experience while traveling to Sapa.