Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

What to do in Sapa Vietnam weather September, one of the most ideal time to visit this charming place. Let give you some hint of Sapa most attraction destination.

Sapa Vietnam weather September in general

Just say goodbye to the hot summer and onto spring Sapa Vietnam weather September is in one of the most ideal time to visit. Being in a tropical country, Sapa still under the temperate zone and 3142 m from the sea level, this make spring weather in Sapa cool, pleasant and mild than ever. With the decrease of the temperature, approximately average ranging between 16°C and 23 °C.

Though, there’s still a large amount of rainfall during this season, with 268mm precipitation during 18 days. In this month, you can actually experience four seasons in just one day, with the day filled with sunshine and in the afternoon comes the rain.

The humidity doesn’t change much from last month, average still of 83%, but it may not be as uncomfortable as before. However, you should be careful, remember to drink enough water and avoid being outside when it’s sunny. Besides that, September is the perfect time to visit Sapa with its charming sight.

Some of attraction destinations you shouldn’t miss

Check out O Quy Ho mountain pass

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

O Quy Ho pass with many colors

Known as one of Vietnam's most famous mountain passes, especially for hiking and trekking. O Quy Ho pass, also known as Hoang Lien Son mountain pass, separate two provinces Lai Cai and Lai Chau. With the height of 2000m and 50 meters long, the pass possessed many sudden turns and circuitous route that attract any visitor with a need for challenge and experience.

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

Magnificent sunset view

The name of the pass comes from the sound of a local birth, in the folk tale of an unfinished love story. This place is very special in the early morning, when it’s foggy and the cloud forming in shape, floating around O Quy Ho peak. When the sunset, the place filled with many vivid colors. Take glance forward the surrounding view, the harmonies between the natural beauty and the daily life of the minority people

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

O Quy Ho in early morning

Partially, in Sapa Vietnam weather September, the waterfall start to stream more intense, with white foam when pouring down from the higher mountain cliff. When you crossing O Quy Ho pass, Love waterfall can be found there. This a famous waterfall for its marvelous view, and also the starting point for visitors to climb up Fansipan Mountain.

Reach to the top of Fansipan Mountain

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

At the peak of Fansipan

The highest mountain peak, also known as the “rooftop” of Indochina, with the height of 3143m. In this nice and mild Sapa Vietnam weather September, it’s suitable for any outdoor activity here, especially climbing and trekking. Starting from Ton Check-point, follow the fixed route visitors can easily found. You can find any local tour guide there, too, they will lead the way and provide some interesting information along the hike. This trip usually takes about 2 to 7 days, due to your speeds and time to experience and sight-seeing.

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

Hiking trip to Mount Fansipan

However if you don’t have enough time to make the trip, you can instead choose a cable car right. It doesn't take too long you can reach to top barely wasting much energy, still able to enjoy the full view of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. When arrive at the peak, you will immediately feel overwhelmed by the magnificent heaven-like place. Surrounded by clouds, leaving a rather mysterious and grand atmosphere. A picture with an ideal background view here is something no visitors want to miss out.

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

Cable ride to the top of the mountain

The sight of terraced rice paddle

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

A view from a far of the terraced rice paddle

Sapa Vietnam weather September is the best time for tourists to visit, due to terraced rice paddle turn from green to golden, proceed to the harvest time in October and November. The terraced rice paddle here has been grand as one of seven best rice field views across Asia. In September, the transition time from Summer to Autumn, Sapa is covered in a bright golden color with a pleasant scent from the rice plant, under the clear blue sky and sunshine. This place looks like a real life painting filled with natural beauty and the ethnic people farming and working. Some of the place that you can easily witness this specific sight that only happen once a year in many villages. Like: Cat Cat village, Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village, Sapa town,.. While admiring the rice paddle, you can also participate in the daily life of Vietnamese minority ethnic people.

Many expectations in Sapa Vietnam weather September

Rich golden rice field scenery

It’s no doubt, Sapa Vietnam weather September is in the most ideal time for you to visit this magnificent place. Guaranteed that once you travel to this place, Sapa will give the experience you will never forget.