Sapa is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam all year round. Travel to Sapa brings you different experience throughout the year. Let’s explore the beauty of Sapa during 4 seasons and find out the best time to visit Sapa.

The beauty of Sapa in 4 seasons

During springtime, rice is planted and the terraces are flooded with water, creating an illusion as the color of the sky is reflected in the valley like a mirror.


In the summer, rice grows and the terrace fields look lushly green while in the autumn, the grain matures and the valleys are dressed in golden color. In the winter, snow falls and covers the mountains in white.

Terrace fields in Sapa

Summer is traditionally the busiest season both for domestic and international tourists. Nature enthusiasts flock from Hanoi to trek around the steep paddy fields and explore the hill tribes.


Travel to Sapa in fall is less common, nevertheless, visitors are rewarded by the most spectacular vision as the green fields turn golden right before the rice is harvested.

Green paddle fields turn golden

When is the best time to visit Sapa?

This time of the year, between September and October, is known as the “golden season” and is actually the best time to travel to Sapa and the mountainous region in the Northwest, which includes Lao Cai province and Mu Cang Chai in Yen Bai province.


Visitors can admire the magnificent terrace fields in yellow color, enjoy the fresh air and the cool temperatures of the autumn, and immerse themselves in the romantic atmosphere of the countryside.

Magnificent terrace fields

It is also during this month when the local ethnic communities Thai and H’Mong celebrate the Lung Linh Sac Mau Tay Bac or the Northwest Sparkling Color festival in Mu Cang Chai, which includes many cultural activities such as art display, brocade and cloth making, folk music and dance performances, traditional sport competitions and culinary exhibitions.

Festival in Sapa

How to travel to Sapa

To the surprise of many, the railway is the most popular mean of transportation between the capital and the northwestern provinces of Lao Cai and Yen Bai.