Tram Chim national park and interesting experiences

Tram Chim national park and interesting experiences

Today, would like to recommend to all of you Tram Chim national park where you can satisfy the purpose mentioned above most.

It is undeniable that everything in the world is changing day by day, and it is also true in the field of tourism. In recent years, instead of choosing the way to travel such as a package tour, a lot of people follow the trend of a kind of travel which is called eco-tourist or “Hiking”. It means, people travel on their own and their main purpose is to enjoy the scenery and live together with nature.

General information about Tram Chim national park

Tram Chim National Park is considered as a useful jungle of Viet Nam. It is located in Tam Nong, Dong Thap which is one of the lowest areas in a large number of Mekong Delta provinces. Tram Chim Vietnam is an enormous park whose total area is more than 7500 ha.

As a plus because of having large are, Tram Chim national park has a lot of different interesting things attracting tourists such as plants, flowers, animals especially a variety of birds and the forest of green cajeput.

Nature in Tram Chim national park.

Nature in Tram Chim national park.

The diversity in Tram Chim national park

Blue sky, green cajeput forest,  black and white birds, red-head cranes. All of these things create a miniature that is not only colorful, lively but also really harmonious. With the area of more than 7500 hectares, Tram Chim Vietnam becomes the large habitat for a large number of birds, especially red-head cranes who are considered as one of the most valuable species in the world of animals and are also put in the red book.

Tram Chim national park can become a famous park internationally where a lot of scientists in the field of protecting precious species want to come to search for a good place for these animals. For 25 years, Tram Chim Vietnam has received a lot of donations and investments as well from different funds and organizations in different countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Germany. This shows the concern from these organizations for not only red-head cranes but also for Tram Chim national park.

Red-head cranes – precious species

Red-head cranes – precious species

In addition, besides the diversity of birds, plants and flowers here are also abundant. Plants make up for 130 species in the diversity of Tram Chim national park. However, we can mention the main ones such as rice, green cajeput forest, and etc. Moreover, the special thing that makes plants here become more and more outstanding and colorful, lively is the appearance of lotus rammer.

Many people think that lotus just only has a traditional color pink. However, it has so many different colors such as white, pink or both in a lotus. For foreigners who do not understand well about the meaning of lotus, we would like to emphasize that the latent beauty of lotus is the symbol of Dong Thap in particular and of Viet Nam in general. This beauty may be the thing that increases the curiosity to discover Tram Chim national park of many people.

Beautiful pink lotus in Dong Thap.

Beautiful pink lotus in Dong Thap.

Besides, with the number of different 40 kinds of fish, they play an important role in the diversity in Tram Chim national park. On one side, these species of fish can balance the diversity, so Tram Chim Vietnam has fish, birds, plants, and lotus. What’s more, fish is also the food source for a lot of birds here.

Useful experiences when discovering Tram Chim national park

Deciding when should visit Tram Chim national park is a bit important decision because it is up to your hobby. In case, you are a kind of eating guy, you should come to Tram Chim Vietnam from August to November according to the lunar calendar in order to enjoy specialties in Mekong  River Delta region. And if you are interested in seeing birds, do not hesitate to pay a visit to Tram Chim national park in the lunar February or March.

To have a nice trip to Tram Chim national park, visitors don’t forget to bring useful and important following things:

Firstly, because being located in the region of Mekong River Delta, Tram Chim Vietnam can have mosquitoes, so remember to bring along the cream to protect your skin, body.

In addition, a pair of normal sandal is really helpful for all of you when rowing the boat to enjoy nature and even when you come to muddy areas to take a near look at birds.

The last thing we would like to recommend is fishing-rods because traveling to Tram Chim national park is when you really want to get away from stress or pressure from work, or too busy living in the city, going fishing in Tram Chim national park will be a fascinating experience.

Last but not least, the diversity in Tram Chim national park, fresh air, the harmony in the color of plants, flowers, birds, and fish are interesting enough for all of you to come here? Let’s follow and find new and unique things in other destinations of Viet Nam.