Amid the corona (COVID-19) disease, where in Vietnam is safe for tourists to travel?

Amid the corona (COVID-19) disease, where in Vietnam is safe for tourists to travel?

The outbreak of the corona pneumonia was complicated and made many tourists wonder where to go during the spring trip. will suggest some destinations that do not have foreign tourists and are not crowded these days to ensure a safer trip for you amid the corona (COVID-19) disease.


The outbreak of the corona pneumonia was complicated and made many tourists wonder where to go during the spring trip. will suggest some destinations that do not have foreign tourists and are not crowded these days to ensure a safer trip for you.

Many domestic and foreign tours have been canceled due to the fear of people infected with the Coronavirus, but if still do not want to miss a perfect occasion to relax in your plan while ensuring safety; tourists may consider less crowded places or no foreign tourists, especially Chinese ones, for more peace of mind.

Where should travelers go to Vietnam to have a safe trip in the Corona epidemic?


Tay Nguyen (The Central Highlands)

The Central Highlands, Tay Nguyen now has quite high temperatures and sunshine, which is a favorable condition for traveling. This is also the time when the forest flowers bloom, creating a beautiful scenery. This is a suitable destination for early spring days. Besides, the Ministry of Health has recommended that, at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, the Coronavirus will be weakened and the Central Highlands weather now meets that condition.

Corona travel where to go safe

The sunny Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen)


Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona
Tay Nguyen Is not too crowded for a tourist destination


The places of Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Da Lat... are all in nice tourist season with warm weather and natural scenes that are also very pleasing to the people. Moreover, except for Da Lat which is already too crowded, other places in the Central Highlands are deserted, this will be a safer place during the epidemic season.


Long Chau Island

Long Chau Island, also known as Mat Rong (Dragon Eye) Island, is quite close to Hanoi but very few people know about this most beautiful "pearl" in the Tonkin Gulf. The island is located inside the famous Lan Ha Bay, about 15 km from Cat Ba Island, and about 50 km from Hai Phong City. Long Chau Island is pristine with only a few people live there, no hotel and motel services.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona
Long Chau Island is extremely rare in tourists


Visiting the island requires a permit from the Border Guard Observatory. Therefore, it is quite complicated to visit Long Chau Island, but this is a safe destination because of very few visiting tourists and no foreigners. To answer the question of where Vietnam is safe in the Coronavirus, visitors can consider this pristine island.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona
The journey to this island is also quite arduous


Meanwhile, the beauty of Long Chau Island is extremely wonderful with clear turquoise water. There is hardly any garbage. The peaceful atmosphere is the factor making many visitors fall in love with this place.

However, there is no freshwater on the island, so visitors need to prepare food and water when visiting Long Chau Island.


Binh Ba Island

Different from the deviousness of Long Chau Island, Binh Ba Island is also a place visitors can choose to travel to which is more crowded and but still safer at this time. Although the location of the island is quite close to Nha Trang, which has detected the first cases of Corona in Vietnam, due to the prohibition of flight and strict isolation, Nha Trang has now been empty of tourists. Moreover, Binh Ba Island, which is located in a military area, strictly forbids foreigners to come to the island. Therefore this will also be a fairly safe destination in the future for visitors.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

Binh Ba Island is currently quite deserted


Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

The wild beauty of Binh Ba Island


The beauty of Binh Ba Island has been confirmed and praised a lot. The long beaches with pure white sand on the beach having turquoise water. The marine ecosystem on the island is also very rich, visitors can join in fishing, snorkeling or participating in boating and surfing activities. Besides, the temperature in Binh Ba is quite convenient to have fun when the sunshine is warm and the weather is dry.


Tho Chu Island

Where to go to Vietnam safely in the Corona epidemic? Tourists who love to explore can choose Tho Chu Island - one of the special, mysterious and less well-known islands in South Vietnam but surprisingly, it possesses the beauty of a paradise.

220 km from Rach Gia town, Kien Giang, Tho Chu island has emerged to the sea surface recently, has become a destination for many adventurers. A military island with very few residents, the island is dominated by soldiers who preserve the sea and homeland but are always ready to welcome visitors to visit and have fun.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

A remote island with a unique charm


However, to travel to Tho Chu, visitors need to be licensed before setting foot on the island. Besides, the journey to the island is also quite arduous when having to cross the distance of the sea with many hours sitting on the ship. Moreover, only a fixed number of days in a month, there is the ship carrying visitors to the island.

On Tho Chu island, there are no motels, hotels, visitors can only stay at the homestay but basically, this will be a quite safe place to help travelers stay away from diseases and have interesting experiences.


The Western provinces

It can be said that so far, Western provinces have not detected any cases of suspicion of infection with the Coronavirus. So if you are planning a trip but don't know where to go, then the western river provinces are a safe choice. Many people think that there is nothing to do in the West; however, that is the wrong idea. In the Southwest region, there are 13 provinces and cities with extremely unique, interesting and amazing river cultures. To the West, you have the opportunity to experience the feeling of rowing a dinghy in the river, eating fruit in the garden, playing fun games.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

Corona season tourism - Tourism in the Western provinces


Not only that, when traveling to the West, you can enjoy delicious fruits such as star apple fruit, rambutan, durian, grapefruit,... at the gardens of Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Vinh Long,... where will be a paradise for you to enjoy these fruits. Especially, when traveling to the West, do not miss the activity of visiting Cai Rang and Phung Hiep floating markets. Through these floating markets, you will better understand the floating market culture of the Southern people.

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

The area is perfect for photos and activities


Hue city

An absolutely not-to-miss tourist destination during this time of Corona season, that is Hue city. Recently, this city has emerged as a "phenomenon" when it is often the setting in famous films such as Mat Biec (Green eyes), Gai gia lam chieu (Mischievious old lady),... Thereby, the beautiful scenes of this city are portrayed countless times. With typical landscapes in the ancient capital such as Hue National School, Huong River, Lang Co Beach, etc., Hue city lures many young people to plan out their trip to come there immediately. Dreamy Hue is predicted to be a tourist trend this year, and also a safe destination this season!

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

The majestic beauty of Hue


Although visitors can still travel in the current stressful disease situation, you should always pay attention to hygiene, fully equipped with prevention knowledge according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, wear a mask when going to places crowded with people. Make sure you and your loved ones are in good health to be ready for the new year trips, dear travelers!


Tourism corona season - Safe travel guide

Given the increasingly complex situation of the Corona disease, when traveling, you should pay attention to the following notices during your trip to reduce the risk of infection:

- Use masks correctly.

- Avoid close contact with people with a fever/cough.

- Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough and sneeze.

- Only use foods that are cooked properly and ensure food safety.

- Wash your hands often with soap and clean water; or alcohol-based hand sanitizers

- Avoid close contact with home or wild animals, whether live, sick or dead...

Where to go to Vietnam safely in Corona

Enjoy the trip to your heart's content, but do not forget safety tips!


Should we travel while there is a Corona epidemic?

YES! Many people choose at home, therefore many beautiful places without the epidemic are deserted, making them perfect destinations for travelers.


What to bring when traveling season Corona?

Like a normal trip, but remember to bring a mask.


What are the travel expenses like in the Corona epidemic?

Certainly, it is cheaper, many beautiful places do not have Corona victims, so you are free to travel on a budget.


Above is the sharing from about safe tourist destinations in the middle of Coronavirus. Hopefully, the above sharing from us will help you have a safe trip. Besides, you should also take appropriate disease prevention measures to make your trip smoother!